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“There is room...”



In this one-of-a-kind hotel room, expert resident bartenders whip up
an array of cocktails, making the experience an intimate affair for
no more than 20 guests at a time. Can you imagine that?

Now hold it, and expand that thought — at ROOM 309, the only limitation is imagination itself. Could it be an artist from the 1970s sat and painted picture after picture worthy of a handsome fortune? Could it be where a celebrity couple from the 1980s that graced the silver screens have come to carry on their off-screen romance? Or, could it very well be, where bartenders from the 1990s once sat and pondered over the possibilities of turning their hopes and dreams into reality, in the form of a beautiful cocktail haven?

Tap your key-card on the wall to enter a realm where there is always
room for cocktails… and imagination.

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